Swirling Photographs of Mixed Paint


Working from his studio in Alpine, Texas, artist Mark Lovejoy creates richly textured pictures of combined paint, however though he’s considerably secretive about his course of, one factor is obvious: they aren’t simply pictures of combined paint. The act of making the colour formations alone sounds extra like an act of chemistry than artwork as he mixes resins, oils, diluents, waxes, and drying brokers to create the gloppy textures you see right here. Parts are then photographed, reworked, and reshot. In the long run, we’re left observing superbly colourful photographs that exist someplace between salt water taffy, Jackson Pollock work, and an alluring industrial accident. No matter they’re, Lovejoy is extraordinarily proficient, cranking out a number of pictures every day which he shares on his web site. Prints can be found of each picture. (by way of It’s Good That)





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