“GRACEFUL DREAM OF POETIC GLORY” Rafal Olbinski. This is so very beautiful; it reminds me of many things in my own life Poetic Glory, Graceful Dream, Surrealism Ideas, That’S Surrealism, Inspiration Surrealism, Poetic Surrealism, Artopia Surrealism, Surrealism Project, Artist Rafal Olbinski

Bespoke Stained Glass Succulents

Bespoke Stained Glass Succulents

Influenced by elements of every construction and illustration, artist Lesley Green (proprietor of Bespoke Glass) channels trendy design whereas working with stained glass and glass tile. Her works have traditionally been pretty geometric, however recently she has focused on additional pure shapes, like in her latest assortment of succulent-based sculptures. These stained glass works mirror a number of varieties of(…)

Artist: Miguel Ângelo Lupi Date: 1879

Artist: Miguel Ângelo Lupi Date: 1879. This is a couple of former slaves that accompained a portuguese aristocrat, Serpa Pinto, in his voyages through Africa and finally back to Portugal, long after the end of slavery. He wrote about them in his memoirs and the painter Miguel Ângelo Lupi immortalized them in this beautiful painting.(…)

WINDMILL AND SPIRIT MEN – Australian Aboriginal Art

Australian Aboriginal Art Painting by RUBY DANIELS NUNGALA “WINDMILL AND SPIRIT MEN” 150 x 90 cm. RD1683 #art #aboriginalart #australianart #aboriginalpainting Themes Windmill, Nungala Windmill, Windmills, Daniels Nungala, Ruby Daniels, Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories, Aboriginal Painting, Aboriginal Pattern, Aboriginal Designs

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