Swirling Photographs of Mixed Paint

Swirling Photographs of Mixed Paint

Working from his studio in Alpine, Texas, artist Mark Lovejoy creates richly textured pictures of combined paint, however though he’s considerably secretive about his course of, one factor is obvious: they aren’t simply pictures of combined paint. The act of making the colour formations alone sounds extra like an act of chemistry than artwork as he mixes resins, oils,(…)

Ink Work of Ghostly Felines and Chickens

Ink Work of Ghostly Felines and Chickens

Artist Endre Penovác (beforehand proper right here and proper right here) depicts mysterious cats and ethereal roosters with a fastidiously perfected watercolor technique using diluted inks. Instead of attempting to handle his brushstrokes, Penovac seems to let the medium run amok all through the canvas as a result of it bleeds in every path, and however even these happy accidents(…)

Colored Pencils Stairs

Colored Pencils Stairs is a enterprise byMaja WroÅ„ska from Warsaw Poland. She created this inventive piece of labor as an entry for a contest which she finally gained. The rivals tips have been to solely paint the vertical part of the steps and the first and last part of every half should be yellow. The(…)

The Fox’s Den, superb new …

Whaouu !! Nonetheless an enormous french creation signed by our artists Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann aka Zim & Zou. They only arrange in Barcelona an excellent showcase for the model Hermes, the venture is known as The Fox’s Den. Artist window for Hermès in Paseo de Grcia (Barcelona). This Carte Blanche tells the story(…)

The art of pecking by Pascale …

Pascale Malilo is an artist who lives and works in Brussels. After learning structure, she is going to spend 20 years working within the graphic. Since 2007, it makes use of a brand new method referred to as the “pecking”. This system permits a needle to make small holes of various sizes inside a measurement(…)

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